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Regularly review your CCTV to confirm that it is operational, provides good quality images and covers your vulnerable areas. Ensure that staff is trained to operate the CCTV system.


Good basic security such as security rated doors and laminate glazing will be very effective at preventing crime against your business when out of hours.


A monitored alarm system will provide you greater peace of mind and is much more effective than a standard burglar alarm. Smoke generated devices can also be used that will activate on entry.


Review your cash handling procedures so that you do not hold too much cash on the premises. An insurance rated safe bolted to the floor with anti- tamper sensors and a time lock is recommended.


Be wary if you make regular bank deposits, try to vary your routine and ensure that you have a risk assessment and staff is not alone. It may be safer to arrange for a specialist collection company to do this for you.


Consider the environment around your premises, overgrown bushes or trees can cover lighting and CCTV cameras. Unsecured wheelie bins can be moved and could assist someone hiding from view or help someone gain access by using it as a climbing aid.


Removing packaging and combustible materials from your loading or stock areas will reduce your fire risk and prevent arson against your premises.


It is a good idea to have a locked stock room and a secure or managed area for the delivery of goods to your premises.


Key management is important so that only authorised or designated staff or key holders have access to the keys to the business and these do not get lost or reproduced without permission.


Graffiti and rubbish if removed promptly is less likely to return, so ensure that if your business is targeted that you deal with this as soon as possible.


Consider moving high value goods away from display windows overnight.


Audit your security regularly so that any weak areas can be addressed and improvements can be made.


Staff training should be an important element in your security strategy. Well trained staff will minimise the risk of crime against them and for your customers and business.


Consider joining a local Business Watch, Shop Watch or a Business Crime Reduction Partnership scheme (BCRP).

Security Advice for business

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